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Sorting clickbank gravity Help Earn More

You knew Clickbank but what about clickbank gravity? What is clickbank gravity? Yeah,the label: "Grav:xx.xx" placed at the bottom of each product when you browse through the clickbank marketplace .What's the different between gravity and popularity.And how you can use it to increase your commission earning from ClickBank?

Sorting clickbank gravity Help Earn More

While these terms sounds similar, actually they indicates two different things.You can sort CB marketplace results place by clicking the sort box right on top right corner of the page..

Different between Clickbank gravity and popularity.
  • "popularity" is about the number of products sold, regardless how many affiliates are selling them. 
  • "gravity" indicates how many unique affiliates able to sell that product recently.
        * If one affiliate made sale last week, the gravity score equal to 1.
        * If one affiliate made 1000 sale last week, the gravity score is still 1, but the popularity might be higher.
        * If one affiliate made sale in the last two weeks, the gravity score is 0.9. There’s 0.1 difference in gravity score from one week to another.
        * If one affiliate made sale eight weeks ago, the gravity is 0.3.

    So What does Clickbank gravity means to affiliates?

    Basically, a product with high gravity means:
        * The conversion rate of landing page is high, since lots of affiliates successfully sell it.
        * The product is in hot, high demand market at that time, since it based on recent sales and not how many sales made years ago.
        * High gravity means that product is the latest, the best product in the market at recently.
         * High gravity also means the number of searches made on product name keyword is high recently.

    How to use gravity in your affiliate campaign
    Get high volume of buyer traffic for Adwords campaign. Find any product with high gravity, then create a blog or landing page with product review inside it. Send traffic to your blog or landing page using Adwords for that product name keywords only.

    High conversion rate if you recommend to your list subscribers. Recommend that product to your subscribers and it can easily convert into sales.

    Indication of hot niche market. When performing niche research, focus on Clickbank gravity since it is based on recent sales. Which means recently, that market is hot, with high demand.

    Indication of competition. Does high gravity always good? Not quite. The higher gravity, means the more affiliate marketers in that market. Which means the competition could be fierce. For example like make money niche, internet marketing.

    The right way to find untapped niche market with low competition..
    A good way to find good, hot market with less competition is by finding any product with gravity score 1 until 30. Not less and not more. If less than 1 probably the market is not hot recently and it’s hard to find customers.

    Gravity score 1 means there’s still an affiliate made sale last week. If less than 1, it means there was no sale at all last week.

    If higher than 30, the competition is high and it is impossible to get ranked in Google for free listings.

    If you have limited resources ,or you have no extra money to run a PPC campaign ,you shouldn't relay on the highest gravity because high gravity also means high competition. If you try to SEO your target keywords, It is not east too,and it almost impossible to ranked top ten in Google for a competitive search term in the short period of time. Markets like make money online, internet marketing, weight loss should be avoided if you are target on SERP earning.


    Monday, May 31, 2010

    How To Run A Keyword Research SEO

    How many posts you have gone through on "how to find and create a profitable keywords"?

    Most people use a keyword suggestion tool when they try to find new keywords for their campaigns.It's is a very good keyword reserve tool from Google.Best of all,it's free!You might use others paid SEO tools for finding the target keyword, while keyword suggestion tools are good, they should not be the first step in your keyword research activities.

    Before you use a keyword suggestion tool, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. What problems can your product or your service solve?
    2. Which questions do potential customers ask?
    3. Can you offer unusual solutions?
    4. Which products and services do you offer?

    As you can see, the products and services that you offer are the least important. A person with a headache might not now that the Shiatsu that you offer will help them. They even might now know what Shiatsu is and if they know it, they might not be able to spell it properly. The same applies to all other services and industries.

    For that reason, it is important that you focus on the first three points before using your products or services in the keywords.

    1. What problems can your product or service solve?

    In this example, the problem that your product or service can solve is a headache. Create a list of words that describe the problem:

    headache, racking headache, migraine, vicious headache, splitting headache, megrim, constant headache, etc.

    2. Which questions do potential customers ask?

    People type different things in Google's search box when they try to find a solution to their problem. Here are some real queries that have been done on Google (use IBP's keyword suggestion tool to find keywords that are searched by real web surfers):

    • why does my head hurt
    • why does my head hurt when I cough
    • how to get rid of migraines without medication
    • how to get rid of migraines when pregnant
    • why can't i concentrate on anything
    • why am i so tired
    • etc.

    The problem that your product solves creates certain circumstances (fatigue, temper, concentration problems). Address these circumstances in your keyword phrases.

    The problem can also be connected to another factor (for example migraine and pregnancy). Create keyword phrases that are related to these factors.

    3. Can you offer unusual solutions?

    Most people will take a pill when they have a headache. In this example, you offer a solution that many people don't know about (Shiatsu). The following phrases would work for you:

    • get rid of migraines without medication
    • get rid of headache without pills

    The unusual solutions that you offer can also be used in your AdWords ad copy and on your web pages. For example, you might create web pages around the following topics:

    • How to get rid of headaches without using Aspirin
    • An unusual way of healing migraine without medication
    • etc.

    4. Which products or services do you offer?

    Of course, you should also use the names of the products and services that you offer in your ads and SEO campaigns. In this example, this would be:

    shiatsu, shiatsu massage, etc.

    When you try to find new keywords, tell a short story that describes the problem and the solution: "A person has a racking headache. The person cannot concentrate because of that headache and the person is tired. Instead of taking a pill, there can be other solutions. That solution is my Shiatsu service."

    By doing this, you'll find many keywords around which you can create new web pages and PPC ads. Of course, you can also combine this method with keyword suggestion tools.

    This post bought to you by IBP (SEO software)

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Free Keyword Research tool SEO software

    Should we use free Keyword research tool or use paid SEO software to
    find a PROFITABLE niche or keywords?

    Finding a PROFITABLE niche to earn money online can be a big deal, it
    can be so easy or it can be a lot of hard work. Depends on how you do it.

    You can use some free software to find a niche,you just got to be do
    some research .Let begin.Fist,open "Google keyword research tool",(you
    can search that term to get the url.)From there you can find some
    popular keywords. Copy the keyword then do a search with Google to check
    out the status of competition.Also Check out the affiliate programs or
    if there any products that related to the niche. The next step is go
    and find a domain name that contain your niche keyword.It much easier
    for you to get rank by SE that way.

    Any others FAST and EASY way that does all of the work for you?

    There are tons of SEO tool and software . Now unlike some free software
    programs, this is not worth to invest,simply because when you buy SEO
    software, you use it to earn money.

    Some of the keyword research tool change for the monthly subscription
    fee . Ouch! I would hate that. Seems like everything is going to a
    monthly charge. Get it before this happens!The truth is ,It seems like
    no matter what you are working on,another option is always open. It's
    so important to have a keyword research and checking out the
    competition before you starting a new niche. You can always use FREE
    tool .But if you have enough money ,Do yourself a favor and checkout
    some great SEO software out there , there gonna save your time and it
    may earn you more money in long term.

    Again ,finding a niche to market can be a big deal, or a lot of pain.
    Depends on how you do it.

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Earn money from PPC campaign.

    What information that is vital to the ongoing success of your internet business? How do we launch the most profitable ClickBank PPC campaign ever and start watching the cash flow in to your pocket add up to huge dollar amounts!

    life time commission affiliate program

    Thousand of people sell ClickBank products and services online every day, and some of them make huge fortunes doing it. What separates the millionaires from everyone else is that they know the secrets of picking the right products for the right niche audiences so their profits and income grow like crazy.

     It all starts with having the right information and targeting on the right niche ,in others word choosing 5he right product and promote it in the right way,it sound simple but it's not that easy,doing it right and you can make the most money.

    What kind of niche that helps you drive the most money to your bank and make the most affiliate sales so you earn the most commissions? Learn 3 Top Profitable Niches Earn Money from my previous post.

    You can't just pick an affiliate product off of ClickBank or any others affiliate network , stick a link on your web site, and wait for the cash to roll in. It takes more than that.Consider the following points when staring your profitable PPC campaign.You need the right affiliate product to sell, the right online marketing and the right tools.

    These are just three basis things of what you need to know about creating and running your most profitable PPC campaign.Others than that you will need to learn tricks like how to write a killer sales page and copywrithing of your PPC ads.

    Yes,The idea of a getting rich on the internet sounds appealing.But generate large amounts of cash with profitable ClickBank / PPC campaign is not easy.You need to know what It takes to earn money from PPC campaign.

    • It takes the right affiliate product.
    • It takes the right online marketing.
    • It takes the right tools.

    Stay Tuned For more Tips on :Earning Life time Commission From Affiliate Program.

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    Monday, July 20, 2009

    3 Top Profitable Niches Earn Money

    I am not going to promote another best way to earn money in this post today. On our previous post we talked about How to Choose Profitable Niche ,today i am going to tell you what niche you can focus on .

    Make money from affiliate program is easy to understand and building your money Adsense site is not that hard either,the hardest and most important part on making money online is knowing what you should target for.

    Focusing on the wrong one will cost you more then you can think off.Not to mention the time you invest on the niche that no one going to spend money on.How you gonna earn money if no one search for it?

    I going to tell you 3 Top Profitable Niches that you can focus on.This is not step by step guide,and it's doesn't mean niche others then the listed topic below can't make any profit.It just my recommend that these niches are the most profitable niches .

    They are big money to be earn from there,anyway you should prepaid yourself to complete with others big competitor.It will need some time to build up your online business empire.

    3 Top Profitable Niches Earn Money

    If you are willing to learn and aim for earning residual income from comfort of your home.This is where the money flow:

    1. Wealth
    Who doesn't wish to be financially independent successful person ? Promoting earning opportunity products is still a hot item,tech others how to make money and show them the solution on earning big profit..

    How to get rid of debt, any extra way to increase their income,tell them they can make money with the Internet,work comfort at home.Money is the motivation.

    Topic like how to get government loans, low interest mortgages and grants. Provide them a solutions.These topic will always be the most popular topic no matter how the economic goes.

    2. Health
    How to lose weight, exercise,keep fit, anti aging,be healthy etc. People spending money to the gym to keep their body fit,they are buying cosmetic ,looking the hair loss cure ,they search Google for a magic weight loss product.

    There are some great ones out there to promote,use your imagination.such as HGH, green tea, cleansing and the list goes on. Search your affiliate network for the top health products and start driving traffic to them.

    p/s:This post was bought to you By
    3. Relationships
    Dating offers are still a killer niche.Think plenty of fish.Think Twitter.They are multi million company now.

    With some sites paying adword bid up to $8.00 perclick and $90 CPA just for a registration ,it’s definitely oe of the big money making niche. Just make sure you don’t get caught up in the sleazy side of dating, such as the X rated sites that some networks carry. While they may pay well, it’s best to stick to more G rated content when it comes to promoting.

    Stay legitimate !Also check out where affiliates Finding Products to sell .

    Here you have it .These are the top three big fat niches that can earn you residual income.

     Do you research and understand that even these niches is extremely profitable and seem to be only getting stronger as time goes on.The only one big question you got to take care of is your "competition".But Hey,don't worry .

    It's for sure inevitable,The key is how you promote you internet business and think outside the box, learn and be consistent , choosing proper keywords and creating killer landing pages would be your next step. Good luck!

    The Author:Elvin|Earning lifetime commission affiliate programs

    How to Choose Profitable Niche

    Marketing towards a Profitable Niche

    The advantage of selling products on internet is your market is very wide,It can be anything ,selling throughout the globe.

    Choosing the right niche and select those where people never heard it before will make you very little competition. The disadvantages of course are that the demand for your product is not all that great. Like i always said,different people have different philosophies towards these strategies. The best way to go about marketing a lesser known product in a well defined niche is to do market research, and jump on new products as soon as they are released for sale.It could turned into a money making machine.

    How to you determine the demand?
    What I like to do is use the Google Product search main page and browse at the list of “A few of the items recently found with Google Product Search”just below the search column.Often times new items pop up here. Just keep reloading for a new list.
    Profitable Niche
    You then can search for common keywords associated with that product by going here: a free tool.From there you study how many times is this phrase searched for?

    Then use the top keywords to create articles or content for your site and then suggest the product at the end of the article or content with of course your affiliate link.Check out previous post on Where to find affiliates products to sell .Link to a sales page you create for this product on all your articles or content pages.

    How to you know it's easier for you to sell?
    Another FREE tool is the new Google Checkout Trends search .(NOT Google trend!)
    The great thing about this tool is you can compare two products to study which is being purchased more via Google Checkout. If Crest and Colgate both sell a new type of toothpaste, and the Crest one is being bought more, according to Google Checkout Trends, it’s probably easier for you to sell the Crest product over the Colgate one.

    Next post we will discuss marketing towards a broad, very popular Niche which is very compatible,its a battle flied. Stay tune!

    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    Learn lifetime commission affiliate programs...

    Learn Affiliate Marketing
    Affiliate Marketing is a way to sell products/services and earn money without produce your own products. For the sale of these products you get paid by affiliate commission which can be anywhere from 1%-90% depending on the product/service, company, and specific affiliate offer. It's also call affiliate marketing.

    Before we get started to learn how make moey from affiliate program.We should know some background of the industry.The Affiliate Marketing History:

    It's started by Feb of 1998 Amazon, had attracted more than 25k webmasters as affiliates giving them amazing publicity in exchange for a small commission on sales. By 2004, 6 years later, they had amassed over 900k affiliates selling products for them.

    The great thing about affiliate marketing instead of marketing your own product, is that you don’t have to ship products out, you don’t have to worry customer support either. Your job is to sell the product and thats it.

    Now, it’s not as easy as it may sound. You can’t just slap a page together direct random traffic to it and expect to earn hundreds of dollars a week. There is plenty to learn in the industry to convert your products into sales.

    Nowadays,it is so easy to create a web page, add a few links to products and then try making sales, it's really that simple?No,you have to take care tons of work.One of the biggest thread will be your competitors.The fact is,it's quite hard sometimes to outrank your competition on search engines and get people to buy the product from your page instead of the hundreds or thousands of other sites promoting the same exact product(s).

    Thats why search engine optimization as well as a good marketing strategy is needed for you to become a full time affiliate marketer. Check out my other blog on Search engine optimization as it could help you overcome a large portion of your competition who doesn't know a thing on how important of SEO.

    If you willing to spend more money and time to learn and invest on your online affiliate earnings ,you will have more resources and the stonger possition then you competitors.

    Next:Affiliates Finding Products to sell